A proposal form can be used for any suggestion, plan or idea you have for AusDoCC.

Examples are a meetup, info day, request to advertise research, fundraising, suggested policy change, request for resources for a project etc.


If the proposal is an event please consider these guidelines:


Each event needs a contact person responsible for
organising and attending the event, even if people have not sent an RSVP the
contact person will still need to attend in case people still turn up

Please arrange for a back-up contact person to
replace the main contact person should the need arise

Please allow plenty of time for this proposal to be
approved at the next committee meeting and then allow enough time to advertise
and organise the event.

This proposal will be presented at the next AusDoCC Committee meeting, which is held
on the second Tuesday of each month.
Contact if you need help filling in this form.