Connections 2023

is a peer supported, family oriented camp/residential opportunity providing a weekend of wonderful innovative social and community activities for all people with a corpus callosum disorder (CCD) and their families and caregivers. It aims to increase skills, independence and community participation through engaging in social, peer support, self advocacy, life skills, mentoring and connection activities. There will also be opportunities to learn and share information about all things corpus callosum.

    • The information contained in this guide gives examples of the NDIS areas and line items that relate directly to the program at Connections 2023. Funding support for this event can only be claimed from Plan or Self-Managed plans.
    • Connections 2023 prices have been reduced by subsidies from ILC grant funds and AusDoCC fundraising that cover food and accommodation. 

    • NDIS participants and primary carers will pay the fee in advance and claim back from the plan. Please discuss this with your Support Coordinator (SC), Plan Manager (PM) or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) to access the most appropriate funding source. (*Note that the program registration cost does not include accommodation and food as these are covered by ILC grant funds and AusDoCC fundraising.)

    • When you contact AusDoCC, we will send a Tax Invoice with NDIS line item that relates best to your plan and funds. 

    • Please discuss your options with your LAC, PM or SC if you are due for a plan review in the near future. Funds for “peer mentoring" or “accessing the community" may offer a flexible option.

    • This is a peer support event for all participants – kids, teens & adults with a CCD and their carers and family. We know wording is important with NDIS so the event description can be a peer support event, training, camp  etc.  
    • Some of the terminology that you can provide for your LAC/SC/PM to support using NDIS funds for Connections 2023 are:

Peer support

Self advocacy


Social participation

Accessing the community

Skills development and training

Life skills

Community participation

Social and recreational activity

Social skills

“Access” usually relates to CORE and “Increase” to CAPACITY BUILDING.


1. The bracketed page numbers in the Contents refer to the page in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits, 2022 guide. Further information on the pricing arrangements for the National Disability Insurance Scheme can be found on the NDIS website.

2. Depending on your plan you may request an invoice and supply AusDoCC with the line item that suits your plan. For example, this event could be claimed as a camp that is available to individuals and families.

3. Connections 2023 prices have been reduced by subsidies from ILC grant funds and AusDoCC fundraising that covered food and accommodation. 


Assistance to Access Community, Social and Recreational Activities

This support category relates to assisting with or supervising a participant to engage in community, social, recreational or economic activities. These supports can be provided in a range of environments, such as in the community or a centre. Participants may use this funding for activities such as camps, vacation and outside school hours’ care, course or membership fees. This support item is not subject to price limits. It should only be used to recover the costs of the participant’s attendance at the community social and participation activities

Core – Assistance with Social, Economic and Community Participation (p58/59)

Item Number: 04_210_0125_6_1              Community Social and Recreational Activities


Capacity Building

Capacity Building- Increased Social and Community Participation (p79)

The supports in this category allow participants to take part in skills-based learning to develop independence in accessing the community. Items usually describe ‘increasing’ capacity.

Innovative Community Participation (p79)

This support item is designed to offer new and innovative services to participants to enable them to access mainstream activities. All supports claimed under this support item need to be reasonable and necessary given the participant’s plan goals. Our program includes innovative experiences to help address social isolation, such as a World Cafe.

This support item is not subject to price limits.

Community Participation Activities (p80)

This support item is designed for the costs of activities that build a participant’s skills and independence. This could include camps, classes, and vacation activities that have capacity building components. The support includes assistance to establish volunteer arrangements in the community, mentoring, peer support, and individual skill development.Our program includes diverse experiences to help address typical issues experienced by people with a CCD, such social isolation and anxiety.

All supports claimed under this support item need to be reasonable and necessary given the participant’s plan goals. Supports that could be claimed include attendance at a “camp” or group that builds a participant’s relationship skills and offer a range of activities and opportunities to explore wider interests.

This support item is not subject to price limits. It should only be used to recover the costs of the participant’s attendance at the community participation activities (Connections 2023 registration fee).

Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living (p98)

Other supports (for a primary parent or carer)

This support item assists the development or increase in a participant’s skills and or capacity for independence and community participation.

These support items can be delivered to individual participants.

Training For Carers/Parents (p98)

Line Item Summary


Assistance with Social and Community Participation

04_210_0125_6_1    Community Social and Recreational Activities 
Capacity Building

Increased Social and Community Participation

09_008_0116_6_3 Innovative Community Participation
09_011_0125_6_3 Community Participation Activities

Improved Daily Living

15_038_0117_1_3 Training For Carers/Parents

Connections 2023

The only peer support event for corpus callosum disorders (CCD) in Australia.


We ROAR for peer support for all things corpus callosum.


For everyone to feel welcome, included and valued.


Increase community participation using innovative approaches

Create and nurture strong individual and peer group identities in social and recreational environments

Provide supported access to social and recreational activities

Exchange ideas, aspirations and challenges with our peers

Reduce isolation and increase support others in our CCD community

Share and validate the lived experience of all participants

Empower independence and agency

Help our community make sense of the NDIS

Build and strengthen AusDoCC as the voice for all things corpus callosum

Key words – the 6Cs.