EDNA’S UPDATE Winter 2020

July 2 was very special day for me.

It was all about me and my corpus callosum that isn’t there.

I am very excited because I am a legend in my own lunchbox. AusDoCC has made a really, really, big Edna. I had to go and have a photo shoot and do lots of modelling. I got very tired.

I am showing you some photos of how they make a big Edna and a photo of the little Edna that is in the AusDoCC shop. I feel like a movie star because I have my own merch.

Mum says, “Don’t get a big head about this Edna or you won’t fit through the door.“ I looked very hard at the photos of Big Edna and I said, “Mum, I think it’s a little bit late.“

I am so excited for you to meet Big Edna, the super cool gal with no corpus callosum (and maybe a big head!)