Edna’s Diary Update



Guess what? Guess what?

I got a big surprise for Christmas. I got a pet worm. I found it in the compost.

Well, that wasn’t really my proper Christmas present. I got a game of Bingo, a bike and a beach towel but Mr Wormy McWormtail was my very, very favourite. He went everywhere

with me and I loved him so much that he even slept with me.

Sometimes I put him on my dinner plate. Mum put her grumpy face on and her ‘I mean business voice,’ and said, “Edna, take THAT THING outside.” I tried to cover Wormy’s ears so didn’t hear but I couldn’t find them.

Then we played a trick on Mum. I put him in the lettuce in  her salad and when she found him she screamed. I got sent to my room.

I haven’t seen Wormy McWormatail for a few days.