Edna's Diary Winter 2018

Well guess what? I went out to the letter box and there was a parcel. Yep a parcel for Edna. For me. I was so excited and I ripped the plastic bag open.

Inside was another parcel wrapped in red paper.

I wondered if we were playing ‘Pass the Parcel!’ I ripped off the red paper and found a beautiful white T shirt with a

picture of me on the front.

Artwork by Jocelyn Palacios

There was also a little tattoo

with all our ACC groups in the world and a black cap. My friend Bruce took a photo of me in my new things. I look awesome. Can you see me looking awesome?

July 2 is International Corpus Callosum Awareness Day. Do you know why? I’ll tell you. July 2 is the middle day of the year and the corpus callosum is in the middle of the brain.

Cool, hey? I am going to send this photo to info@ausdocc.org.au so I am in the slide show for 2018. I hope you do too.

Adios Amigos.