Edna Does ISO Home Schooling.


Well everybody, how about this ISO home schooling deal?

I am so looking forward to going back to school to see my real teacher. My mum is trying hard but she’s no teacher. Trust me on that one. She doesn’t even remember how to do joined up writing and she’s forgotten her times tables. Really Mum? I am very fast now. My favourite is the 8 times tables. Six eights? Who got it?

And what about Zoom? I call it Zoom Zoom Zoom. Everybody is Zooming all over the whole world. We have been watching people singing together and we tried that with our class. We all sang really loud. Like really, really loud. Somehow it didn’t quite sound the same. My dad came in and said, “Edna, are you jumping on the dog’s tail?” Daaaaad!

We hope this corona virus gets knocked out soon or I will be jumping on its tail. I will be jumping on its head. Go away corona virus.

Be safe kids,