Dr Natasha is a clinical psychologist originally from the UK who has been settled in Australia since 2014. She has worked with people with intellectual disabilities and cognitive disabilities in the UK and Australia for more than 25 years. 

She is the relationships and sexuality advisor for AusDOCC and enjoys regularly speaking and providing support at conferences and workshops.

Dr Natasha ran away from Queensland government disability services to set up her own service called Consentability. This is an independent practice offering therapy, education and consultation to adults with intellectual or cognitive disabilities and their support network in the area of sexuality, relationships, consent and safeguarding. 

Dr Natasha is passionate about advocating for the equal rights of people with intellectual or cognitive disabilities to have romantic and/or sexual relationships, while upholding their right not to be abused.

She sees herself as the frank, warm and open ‘aunty’ that she wishes she had when she was a young woman. The sort of aunty that can talk to people about friendships, relationships, consent and keeping safe while also reminding them that exploring one’s sexuality is supposed to be fun and feel good.