Privacy Policy

At AusDoCC we respect our members’ rights to the privacy of their personal information. All
personal information, no matter how or where it is obtained, is handled sensitively, securely,
and in accordance with the National Privacy Principles *1.

How is my personal information kept safe?
All personal information collected is held on a data base and stored in a password protected
environment. The Committee members who have access to this are all bound by a signed
Undertaking Agreement upon commencement as an AusDoCC Committee Member.

What personal information do we collect and store?
In order to provide services, resources and support to you, we ask for personal details when
you become a registered member. Some examples of where we may need these details are
the supply of appropriate resources, offers of member benefits, subscription to our
mailing/newsletter list or details of important announcements and information. Privacy laws
require that we collect personal information about you only if it is reasonable and practical to
do so.
AusDoCC takes measures to ensure your personal information is protected from
unauthorised access, loss, misuse, disclosure or alteration. We also take measures to
destroy personal information when it is no longer required. Generally, you have no obligation
to provide any information requested by us. If you choose to withhold requested information
however, we may not be able to provide you with the goods and services that depend on the
collection of that information.

How is your personal information used?
The personal information that we ask for is generally used to provide goods or services to
you. For example: for a merchandise order we need your delivery details, for membership
we need details of a corpus callosum diagnosis or for photography at an AusDoCC event we
need your signed consent. We may also collect your details to provide effective and
appropriate event activities such as conferences, peer activities, information days and social
meet ups.
We may also use your personal information in other ways to provide you with supports. This
may include using your personal information to advise you of new resources and supports if
you have subscribed to our mailing list or to contact you again if you have used our services
previously, to see if we can again provide assistance, supports or information. We do not
send information to you other than for the main purpose for which we have collected your
personal details.

We do not provide your details to other organisations, without your consent, for any purpose.

Access to your personal information
We will provide you with access to any of your personal information we hold (except in the
limited circumstances recognised by privacy law).
If you require access to your personal information you need to update your information (e.g.
if you change your address or name), please email us at

More information

*1.More information about Privacy law and the National Privacy Principles is available
from the Federal Privacy Commissioner at

Policy reviewed April 2023.
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