Summer 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited because we are going on holidays to the beach. I have been having swimming lessons.

My teacher says, “Good job, Edna.”

I can float on my back and put my head under the water.             I blow bubbles under the water and then I go Phrrrrt with the water and my teacher says, “Edna, please do not spit the water.” It makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. I love swimming lessons.

At the beach I will put my back pack floaties on and be very careful. My swimming teacher told me that a wave might push me over so I have to be extra careful. I always have to have an adult with me at the beach.

I love playing in the sand and making sandcastles. When I finish I jump on them and sometimes mum and dad let me bury them in the sand. I leave their heads sticking out so they can breathe.

I hope you have fun in summer.

Love from Edna