Autumn 2021

Hi AusDoCCers,
Well, summer holidays have finished and we have all gone back to school. I hope the Covid doesn’t close our schools again. It was pretty fun to be back at school and we have some new kids and new teachers. So many peoples. So many words. So many new things.
Sometimes I go to speech therapy because I have lots of things in my head but they won't come out my mouth. Sometimes people say things to me and it gets all jumbled. If they say too many things all at the same time it's like a big bowl of spaghetti in my head.
I like to just listen to one thing at a time and work out what it means. Then I work out my answer. I have to use my hands a lot because sometimes the words can't come out my mouth.

I am learning to use an iPad with lots of pictures to tell people what I want.
I love my iPad. Do you have an iPad? iPads are cool and so is my speech therapist. She says, “Good job, Edna,” and gives me a high five.
Love from Edna xx