Adults with a CCD

·        Take part in a World Café with teens with a CCD to chat about some of the big issues.

·        Enjoy a social outing to explore Melbourne or take part in a fun activity at the conference venue.

·        Join in workshops with peer  leaders, to look at quality of life and work out how it is, where it’s going and what could make it better

·        Pick the brains of top, researchers and doctors and allied health workers. What works for CCD?

·        Give a three minute speech to the parents and professionals to give them some insight in your lives. Be part of a panel where people can ask questions about life as an adult with the CCD.

·        Join in the night time, entertainment and socialise with old and new friends.

·        Be part of an event where everyone gets it. Spend time with other people who totally get it.

·        Enjoy good food and your own sleeping space with a double bed and ensuite. Enjoy the grounds and facilities of University College.

·        Enjoy three days of fun, learning and entertainment at the only camp available to kids, teens, and adults with a CCD and their families, friends and professionals.